Crape myrtle plants are truly beautiful, and if you have any on your property, you know just how impactful they can be to its overall curb appeal. In order to keep these plants healthy and looking their best, they will need to be pruned. Pruning helps remove parts of the plant that are dead, damaged, diseased, or infested with insects, so those issues can't spread to the rest of the plant. Here in Virginia, this service should be performed in January or February before the spring season arrives because crape myrtles will be leafless, making them easier to prune, and it will also promote new growth during the spring season. When it comes to how much to prune, you should typically prune crape myrtle plants about 9-12 inches back, but you should only do so if your plants need it.

Your crape myrtle plants need to be pruned to prevent problematic issues from spreading.

If you have any crape myrtle plants on your property, you will want to prune them on occasion. That's because pruning provides two major benefits, they prevent problematic issues from spreading, and they promote healthier, fuller growth. One of the biggest reasons to prune crape myrtle plants is for health purposes. If any parts of your plant are dead, damaged, diseased, or infested with insects, you can prune those parts to prevent them from spreading to the rest of your plant.

Pruning will also help your plants grow fuller and healthier. That's because when you prune them, it will allow more light to penetrate the canopy of the plant and reach all areas of it. It will also stimulate vigorous shoot growth, which will result in your crape myrtle plants growing fuller and healthier!

When should you prune your crape myrtle plants?

When it comes to pruning your crape myrtle plants, timing is everything. Here in Virginia, the best time to prune crape myrtle plants is in January or February, before the spring season gets underway. That's because the plants will be leafless at this time and you'll easily be able to see all of the branches, so the process should go smoothly. This process will also promote new growth, so your plants will be better equipped to come to life in the spring and enhance the overall beauty of your property!

The average crape myrtle plant grows between 15-25 feet tall. However, there are some varieties that can reach 40 feet tall!

You should prune crape myrtle plants 9-12 inches back, but only if they need to be pruned!

Pruning is a delicate process, so you'll want to make sure that you're following best practices when it comes to performing this task. When it comes to pruning crape myrtle plants, they generally should only be pruned about 9-12 inches back, as that will promote new growth without causing too much stress to them. However, it's important to keep in mind that pruning a plant when it doesn't need it can actually be detrimental to its overall health, so make sure that your plants do need it before you prune them. To ensure that you don't cause any harm to your plants, it's best to hire professionals to prune them. They will be able to determine if your plants need to be pruned, and if they do, they will follow best practices to ensure the job gets done right.

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