Spring in Virginia is a famously momentous time, as the leaves turn green, the days get longer, and the frigid winter air begins to warm up. With the growing season underway, a spring cleanup would certainly be in order to set up your yard for success. But what exactly should a spring cleanup entail to restore and maintain the health and aesthetic of your lawn and landscape as they awaken from winter dormancy? Spring cleanups should include debris and leaf removal, weed removal, trimming and pruning, and mulch installation. These services are critical parts of spring cleanups because they each uniquely contribute to your property's overall health and curb appeal.

Debris and leaf removal are essential for a comprehensive spring cleanup service.

Debris and leaf removal should be included in a spring cleanup service because that build-up can have a negative impact on your grass. After an eventful winter, your lawn may have an accumulation of seasonal scrap that acts as a barrier between it and the resources it needs to thrive. What's more, random leaves and branches can make your lawn and landscape beds look messy and unappealing as they attempt to recover from the cold of winter.

A spring cleanup service should include the removal of weeds from your landscape beds.

Our weed control specialist spraying a landscape bed in Winchester, VA.

Weeds love to compete with the plants in your landscape beds for nutrients, sunshine, and space. That's why a spring cleanup service should absolutely include weed removal. Removing weeds from your landscape beds is necessary because they are notorious thieves of the nutrients and resources that your plants need to survive. Weeds can also sully the appearance of otherwise nice-looking softscapes.

Plant trimming and pruning should be included in a spring cleanup service.

A spring cleanup service should include plant trimming and pruning because it is crucial to their health and appearance. Trimming overgrown foliage will enhance the overall shape and aesthetic appeal of your plants. Not only that, but it'll allow sunlight to reach other areas of your plants for optimal access to this essential resource. On the other hand, pruning involves removing dead, diseased, or insect-infested branches to prevent the problem from spreading to other parts. This process also encourages healthier, fuller growth. Because of this, these services should be included in a spring cleanup to ensure your plants are in tip-top shape.

Mulch installation should be included in a spring cleanup to keep your landscape beds healthy and beautiful.

Fresh mulch installed by our team on our client's property in Chantilly, VA.

Mulch installation should be included in a spring cleanup for several reasons. First, mulch helps the plants in your landscape beds retain moisture, which in turn reduces the amount of extra watering they need. Additionally, it can restrict weed growth and improve the quality of soil over time, keeping them healthy. Another benefit of adding mulch to your landscape beds is that it also enhances their curb appeal and makes your plants stand out.

Mulch helps protect your landscape plants from the elements and regulates soil temperature.

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At Hambleton Lawn & Landscape, we know how vital spring cleanups are for getting your property off on the right foot for the growing season. That's why you should take advantage of our spring cleanup service, which includes the removal of leaves, sticks, debris, and weeds, as well as mulch installation and plant trimming and pruning. While the most common times to schedule this service is from the end of February until June, you can do so any time you think your yard needs some TLC.

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