Everybody thinks of their lawn in spring and summer because that’s when you and your family are outdoors enjoying it. Keeping your lawn beautiful in spring and summer takes year-round care…even in the colder months. Here are some winter lawn care tips that can help you have a beautiful lawn all year long.

1. Mow

Before the weather gets too cold, mow the grass one last time, but only if it needs it. Long grass left over the winter can provide an excellent nesting area for mice and insects.

2. Tidy Up

Keep your lawn clear of fallen tree limbs and other storm debris, as well as lawn furniture and planters. Items left on the lawn over the winter will leave dead spots where they sat. Rake up fallen leaves; leaves left on the ground can kill the grass below due to suffocation or lack of sunlight. They can also create an overly-wet environment that harbors mold and disease. Before the leaves get wet, you can mow them to break them up into tiny pieces that you can leave on your lawn. Their nutrients will help nurture next year’s grass. After leaves are wet, you must rake them up and remove them.

3. Aerate

Fall is an excellent time to aerate your lawn. Try to do so prior to the first frost if possible. Aerating a lawn helps to break up compacted soil, allowing air and nutrients to penetrate into it to the grass roots. They will need these nutrients come next spring. Aeration will also inhibit weed growth and pests.

4. Fertilize

After aerating, a good winter lawn care tip is to fertilize your lawn. Now that there are spaces for the nutrients in the lawn fertilizer to penetrate the soil, the roots will be stronger and heartier in the growing seasons.

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5. Put Down Cool Weather Grass Seed

To keep a lawn looking good over the winter, spread a grass seed designated as a “cool weather” seed, like a fescue. You can use the same spreader as you did for the fertilizer. After you seed the lawn, water it to keep the soil moist as the new grass takes hold.

6. Limit Snow and Ice Chemicals

The harsh chemicals we put down to melt ice, like rock salt, can damage or even kill delicate grasses. If you must use these, apply them sparingly, and try to keep them away from grassy areas or areas where runoff occurs and grass grows. Another winter lawn care tip: Use plant-friendly de-icing products.

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7. Keep off the Grass

When grass is frozen or covered with ice, it can be easily crushed or broken. And continued traffic in one area can kill grass along that pathway altogether. Try to stay on walkways whenever possible. Do not park vehicles on a winter lawn as the tires can leave ruts in the ground.

Even though your grass mainly lies dormant in the winter, these fall and winter lawn care tips can help keep it healthy over the cold months.

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