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Two workers blowing leaves during a fall yard cleanup near Arlington, VA.

Fall Yard Cleanup in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, & Nearby Areas in Virginia

We will help prepare your yard for the winter season with our fall yard cleanups.

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We offer fall yard cleanups to residential properties in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, VA, and nearby areas.

Our fall cleanup service includes debris and weed removal, trimming shrubs, and pruning plants.

A professional blowing leaves and debris from a lawn.

Fall can be such a beautiful season, thanks to the vibrant leaves falling off trees. When fall arrives, it's also a sign that winter is about to come and your lawn and landscape should be well-prepared before it sets in. That's where we come in to help. Our team at Hambleton Lawn & Landscape offers fall yard cleanups to residential properties in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, VA, and nearby areas.

Our crew helps homeowners maintain the tip-top condition of their landscapes by removing weeds and debris, trimming shrubs, and pruning their plants. While we've seen that our fall cleanup jobs ramp up around December, you can schedule this anytime throughout the fall season. When you work with our crew, you can rest assured our team will pay unparalleled attention to your yard to make sure your lawn and landscape plants can finish the growing season on a positive note.

What does our fall yard cleanup include?

A worker is trimming shrubs in preparation for the winter.

Our fall yard cleanups are designed to be comprehensive to ensure we prepare your lawn and landscape to enter the winter season. We pay unparalleled attention to detail when cleaning up your property so we can give each corner of your yard some much-needed TLC! When you sign up for our fall yard cleanup service, we will handle the following tasks:

  • Leaf & Debris Removal: Our crew will eliminate accumulated leaves and cluttered debris like twigs and sticks in your yard and landscape beds. We do this to keep your yard neat and ensure no debris can smother your lawn and landscape during the winter.
  • Weed Removal: We will remove pesky weeds from your landscape beds so that your landscape plants have no competition for much-needed nutrients.
  • Shrub Trimming: Our team will trim your plants before winter sets in to keep them in good shape, so they are not overgrown once spring arrives.
  • Pruning: We will prune your landscape plants if needed to get rid of weak or diseased branches, keeping them from spreading any disease or infestation to other healthy parts of your plants.

We can replenish the mulch in your landscape beds to keep them looking neat and polished.

When can you schedule our fall yard cleanup service?

Our fall yard cleanup service is available throughout the fall season, primarily because of leaves dropping off trees and accumulating in your yard. Most property owners we've worked with prefer scheduling our fall cleanups in December when most leaves have fallen already, yards are covered in debris, and plants are overgrown and looking messy. By signing up for this service in the fall, you'll be preparing your property for the winter and your lawn and landscape beds will be ready to flourish once spring arrives!

Give your yard a much-needed pick-me-up with our fall yard cleanup service! Call us today to schedule.

If you want your lawn and landscape to be in tip-top condition before entering the winter season, our fall yard cleanup service is just what you need! Our team will give your lawn and landscape a much-needed pick-me-up to revitalize its health and appearance, so you can enjoy a thriving and beautiful yard once spring arrives.

Our team offers our fall yard cleanups to residential properties in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, VA, and nearby areas. Give us a call today at (703) 532-4911 to schedule!

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