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Landscaping Services in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, & Nearby Areas in Virginia

Keep your residential property in tip-top shape with our professional landscaping services.

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Landscaping Services in Arlington, VA & Surrounding Cities Like Falls Church & McLean

Our services include landscape bed cleanups, fall yard cleanups, spring yard cleanups, and mulch installation.

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Professional landscaping services help your property stay in outstanding condition all year long. At Hambleton Lawn & Landscape, we offer a variety of these critical services to homeowners in Arlington, VA, and surrounding cities like Falls Church and McLean. Our services include landscape bed cleanups, fall yard cleanups, spring yard cleanups, and mulch installation. If you want to help your property reach its full potential, then our landscaping services will help make that happen. Call us today at (703) 532-4911 to sign up!

  • Landscape Bed Cleanup

    If you want to keep your property in excellent shape throughout the year, then you'll want to take advantage of our landscape bed cleanup service. When you sign up, our team will visit your home once or twice a month depending on the time of year, and take numerous steps to keep your landscape beds in top condition. We remove weeds and natural debris in addition to trimming and pruning your plants. After we're done, we clean everything up so that your landscape beds are left spotless. Due to the nature and frequency of this service, you can essentially think of it as a routine cleaning service for your landscape beds.

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  • Fall Yard Cleanup

    Your yard can become a mess in the fall as a result of the changing seasons. That's why we offer our fall yard cleanup service to residents in Arlington, VA, and surrounding areas. These cleanups are most popular in October, November, and December and aim to restore order to your property. We collect and remove leaves, sticks, and other debris that are littered across your yard. Furthermore, we clear out weeds from your landscape beds in addition to trimming and pruning your plants.

    We have provided our professional landscaping services since 2001.

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  • Spring Yard Cleanup

    Help your property transition from winter to spring with our spring yard cleanup service. This service is especially in demand between the end of February and early June as the warmer temperatures slowly arrive in northern Virginia. Similar to our fall yard cleanup service, our spring yard cleanup service features leaf, stick, and debris, removal from your property. We also remove weeds from your landscape beds and trim and prune your plants to tidy up their appearance and encourage new, healthy growth in the months ahead. Our spring yard cleanup gives your property a boost as it awakens from winter dormancy and enters the growing season.

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  • Mulch Installation

    Few things have a bigger visual impact on your property than mulch. Mulch spruces up the appearance of your landscape beds while also providing numerous other benefits, such as weed prevention, moisture retention, and temperature regulation. We offer a professional mulch installation service that will help take your landscape beds to the next level. We can install various colors of double-shredded hardwood mulch in your landscape beds and then replenish it once or twice a year. But we don't stop there. When you sign up for our mulch installation service, our team cleans up debris and trims the edges of your landscape beds as well. This is not a service you want to miss out on!

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Are you ready to schedule one or more of our professional landscaping services? If so, our team is ready to help. We provide our landscaping services to residential property owners in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, and surrounding areas in Virginia. Take your property from good to great. Call us today at (703) 532-4911 to get on our schedule!

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