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Manassas Lawn Care

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Manassas Lawn Care

Whether your lawn needs professional care or you’re just looking to spend more time doing other things, our team is equipped and excited to help you out.

We care about offering quality service at a competitive price, ensuring that your lawn gets the care that it needs at a value you can be confident in.

Our Manassas Lawn Care Program

Manassas Lawn Care Services

Don’t hesitate to care for your lawn. With our Manassas lawn and landscape services, enjoy local, quality services from Hambleton Lawn & Landscape to help beautify your property and make a law that you can be proud of.

Our lawn care services in Manassas range from weekly mowing to fertilize and weed control programs that aim to achieve the best results for your lawn. We use the 100% organic bio-nutrient fertilizer called Holganix to help us minimize the number of chemicals and synthetic materials used while keeping your grass happy and healthy.

Our Customer Service Commitment

Lawn Care Professionals You Can Trust

Hambleton Lawn & Landscape has been caring for the lawn care needs of northern Virginia residents for over 15 years. Needless to say, we know a thing or two about lawn care.

We are the lawn care professionals you can trust. Our team is dedicated to serving Manassas residents with the highest quality of lawn care service and executing projects in a reliable and timely fashion. Trust in our experience and ability to offer affordable and exceptional solutions for all of your lawn care needs.

Don’t just take our word for it! See what past clients have said about their experience with Hambleton Lawn & Landscape.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

Reliable Lawn Care Services

Our top priority is client satisfaction. We are committed to strive for excellence and high-quality work with every lawn care project we do.

Our dedication to a high standard of work along with good client communication helps us keep our promise of reliable lawn care services, satisfaction guaranteed.

We have a high standard of quality control. If you are not satisfied with our services, contact us within 24 hours after the job is finished and our team will come to fix the problem within 24 hours. Contact us for a free quote today to get started on your lawn care project!

Family Owned & Operated

Family-Owned Lawn Mowing Service

Hambleton Lawn & Landscape is a family-owned local business providing mowing services to clients in the Manassas area.

We pride ourselves on our superior workmanship and friendly customer service. Our weekly mowing services are ideal during peak growing season to ensure that your grass is properly maintained during peak growing season.

Our family-owned lawn mowing service will give your lawn a clean cut and trim every time to help keep your lawn in optimal condition. Let us help care for your property so you can have more free time to do things that you enjoy!

FAQs about Lawn Care in Manassas

How are you different from other lawn care companies in Manassas?

Unlike many of our competitors that travel to Arlington, D.C., or further to take care of their clients, we are in our Manassas / Prince William location every day. With mowing crews that work exclusively in Manassas, we understand the needs of its residents and their properties. Since our crews are local, we can respond quickly and take care of any issue or request that might arise.

As a long-lasting, thriving business, we have a strong culture and know how to treat our clients and employees well. Thanks to our experience and close proximity to Manassas and Prince William, we’re always available to help.

What do you like about lawn care in Manassas?

Manassas is at the heart of old Virginia. With colonial design, architecture, mature landscapes and layouts, there is so much history and charm, especially in the older sections of town. As landscapers, we are privileged to help the community thrive and preserve its history.

The residents of Manassas are also wonderful, down-to-earth people. They are greatly invested in maintaining and taking care of their properties in a very hands-on way, maybe even more so than other areas. As landscapers, we share the same desire for hands on projects and enjoy assisting them in maintaining their properties and community.

How can I make my grass greener and thicker?

You can make your grass greener and thicker by making it accessible to 3 different things: sun, water, and good soil.

Your lawn’s sun exposure is controlled by your property. The only things that could really hinder the amount of sun your lawn receives are trees and the side of your house.

Rain water alone is good for a mature lawn, but for a new lawn, you’ll want to supplement it with watering. If you’re looking to make your grass even thicker and greener, a watering regimen is recommended, no matter the age of your lawn.

It’s important that your soil has all the nutrients it needs. Soil is predisposed to give off nutrients to the grass, but oftentimes, certain chemicals can prevent the grass from accessing these nutrients. This is where a proactive, well-rounded lawn care program can really help.

At Hambleton Lawn & Landscape, we don’t actually treat the blade of grass, but the soil. Our lawn care program consists of a fertilizer and weed killer. The fertilizer helps feed the lawn, while the weed killer helps to keep the weeds away and prevent them from weakening the lawn.

In a nutshell, for a greener, thicker lawn, make sure your lawn gets enough sunlight and water throughout the day. Also make sure that your soil has a good fertilizer. Whether you’re going it yourself or through a lawn care program, this will give it all the nutrients it needs and allow the grass to absorb nutrients already in the soil.

How do you treat a lawn full of weeds?

Treating a lawn full of weeds can be straightforward, but there two different paths you can take, depending on your tolerance and how quickly you want the turnaround.

Do you want an immediate lawn? Or would you like to wait 2 or 3 years to slowly kill the weeds and strengthen the grass?

Depending on the amount of weeds, we’ll help you determine whether it’s best to treat the current lawn and bring it back to life, or renovate / remove the existing lawn by physically removing the weeds, cutting out the lawn, and restarting with grass or seed.

No matter which option you decide, treating a lawn full of weeds is kind of like a diet. We’re not able to kill all the weeds in the first week, but will have to keep coming back month after month, year after year to keep them.

What can you do about dead patches in my lawn?

The first thing you want to do is figure out why you have dead patches. In many cases, dead patches in the lawn can be from fungus, known as “brown patches” that occurs in Northern Virginia throughout the summer months. These brown, dead-looking patches show up throughout the lawn and often end up killing that spot of grass.

In most cases, however, lawns can bounce back fungus. Cutting out the area and putting down sod or seed is a temporary fix, but you’ll ultimately want to treat the fungus by fertilizing. This will help fix the underlying problem to strengthen and create a healthier lawn.

Another cause of dead patches is just neglect. In this case, we’ll simply come in, cut out the dead patches, put down some premium topsoil and starter fertilizer, and put the seed or sod or seed in place. To keep the grass growing and healthy, it will need a good watering regimen.

What is the best schedule for watering my lawn?

Developing a watering schedule depends on your lawn and what stage it’s at. For an existing lawn that you’re just looking to maintain throughout the summer, you’ll want to water it about three times per week. The general rule of thumb is one inch of water per week.

If you have an irrigation system, be sure that each zone gets about 15 minutes of watering, three times a week. Every sprinkler is different, so we recommend getting a small measuring cup and testing your sprinkler to see how long it takes for the cup to fill up. If you’re doing it manually, move around the yard every 15 minutes to make sure that every section has been watered.

It’s also best to water your lawn in the mornings, especially if it’s hot outside. The afternoon or evening heat can actually amplify the heat of the water and ultimately end up hurting or burning the grass. In the humidity of Northern VA, watering in the evening can also hold moisture on the grass, which is a recipe for fungus growth.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed and insured. We have a million dollar liability and a 2 million dollar umbrella policy, covering everything up to 3 million dollars.

Is there a contract I'll have to sign?

No, there are no locked contracts requiring you to sign up for a certain amount of time. Our services month to month, or year to year, and auto-renewed annually.

We will send you a quote for all the services we provide and outline how everything works. We’ll then ask you to sign an agreement, stating that you understand what’s involved, will put a credit card on file, and allow us to be on your property, etc. At any time or for any reason, however, you can call and cancel.

Certain services such as lawn mowing, however, require a lot of resources. That being said, if you sign up for lawn mowing services and cancel after the first mow, you will still be charged for four mows, since the first cut is always longer, harder, and more taxing on the equipment.

How many lawn Technicians will be on my lawn?

Whether it’s cleaning, mulching, or mowing, we typically send out a two-person crew to tackle most residential lawns. It’s difficult to coordinate a symphony of workers on a small property, so we find it’s most efficient to have between one and three-man crews.

How many employees do you have?

As a company, we have about 40 to 45 employees doing landscape maintenance for residential properties.

What languages do your employees speak?

Many of our employees speak Spanish, but all of our crew leaders have a working understanding of English and can readily communicate with any client or answer most questions they might have. However, Claudia in the office is fluent in English and Spanish so if any questions arise, we can take care of you.

Clients for 17 Years

“We have been clients for 17 years because of the act of kindness shown by one of the crews to our household long ago. When I think back how I used to spend nearly an entire day doing what this crew does in an hour – at a bargain price – I kick myself. We are delighted we found this company and will stick with them for the long haul.” Robin Mackay


Risk-Free Guarantee

Done right, or 100% Money-Back.

Quality Control

Making sure you love your service.

Friendly & Local

20+ years serving northern VA.

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Free quote within 24hrs!

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