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Spring Yard Cleanups in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, & Nearby Areas in Virginia

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Spring Yard Cleanups for Residential Properties in & Around Arlington, Falls Church & McLean, VA

We'll remove weeds from your landscape beds, pick up leaves and debris, install mulch, and trim and prune your plants.

With the winter season recently concluded, it has likely taken a toll on your lawn and landscape. Because of this, spring is the best time to schedule our yard cleanup service! Our spring cleanup service includes leaf and debris removal, landscape bed weed removal, mulch installation, and plant trimming and pruning; this will help revitalize the health and appearance of your lawn and landscape to set them up for a successful growing season. We can perform spring cleanups from the end of February into June, though you can schedule this service any time you feel your yard needs a pick-me-up.

We offer our spring yard cleanup service to residential properties in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, VA, and nearby areas.

What is included in our spring yard cleanup service?

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As the winter bids goodbye, you'll want to help your lawn and landscape prepare for the growing season. Fortunately, that's where our spring yard cleanup service comes in! We've designed our spring cleanups to include everything your yard will need to enter the warmer seasons with a flourish, which are as follows:

  • Debris & Leaf Removal: Debris and leaves make your lawn and landscape look messy and can hinder their health as they emerge from winter dormancy. So, our team will remove accumulated leaves and debris, like twigs, sticks, branches, and rocks. That way, we can restore your yard's neat appearance and ensure it'll thrive.
  • Weed Removal: We will eliminate the weeds from your landscape beds so they cannot steal nutrients from your plants and make your landscape look unruly.
  • Plant Trimming: We'll trim your plants of overgrown foliage and stray branches to give them a nice, clean shape.
  • Plant Pruning: We'll prune your plants to ensure they're in tip-top health for the new growing season by removing weak, problematic branches.
  • Mulch Installation: We add mulch to your landscape beds to ensure your plants are thoroughly protected from the elements.

We install double-shredded hard wood mulch as a ground cover for your landscape beds.

When do we offer our spring yard cleanups?

Professional blowing debris and leaves off of lawn in Virginia.

We offer our spring yard cleanups throughout the entire season, from the end of February all the way through June. As temperatures warm up and the snow starts to melt, you might discover that your yard is covered in debris, leaves, weeds, and overgrown plants. So, it's best to schedule this service as soon as possible so we can bring your lawn and landscape back to life, as leaving it for too long can do more harm than good. You can also schedule our cleanups anytime your yard looks unruly and needs a pick-me-up; another popular time for this service is in the fall. That way, your yard can just as easily prepare for the winter as the new growing season!

Want to get your yard ready for the new growing season? Call us today to sign up for our spring yard cleanups!

Our team wants nothing but the best for your lawn and landscape, which is why we are here to look after them at the start of the new growing season with our spring yard cleanup service. You can trust that we'll give them everything they need to emerge from dormancy and thrive throughout the year! We offer our spring cleanups to residential properties in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, VA, and nearby areas. Call us today at (703) 532-4911 to sign up and enjoy a gorgeous yard this spring.

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