You don't want to play around with lawn diseases. When left untreated, they can cause serious damage to your lawn's health and appearance. Here in Arlington, VA, three of the most common lawn diseases you need to watch out for are brown patch, dollar spot, and red thread. Brown patch thrives in hot and humid conditions and causes patches of brown or tan grass, while dollar spot creates blighted patches that resemble the size of dollar coins. Meanwhile, red thread is distinguished by red, thread-like sprouts on the grass blades. Fortunately, these lawn diseases can be eliminated with curative treatments!

1. Brown Patch

Brown patch lawn disease in need of treatment on a property in Arlington, VA.

Brown patch grows actively when it is hot and humid, which is why it is often seen in Arlington, VA, from late spring to fall. The symptoms of this fungal disease include circular or irregularly shaped patches of brown or tan grass. The patches will have a darker margin, and the grass inside the rings will usually recover. Brown patch can spread quickly and leave your lawn thin, weak, and unappealing.

To tackle this lawn disease, you need to treat your grass with a fungicide application. The treatment will stop the disease in its tracks and prevent it from causing any further damage to your lawn.

Common causes of brown patch include poor drainage, soil compaction, and overwatering.

2. Dollar Spot

Dollar spot lawn disease in need of treatment on a potential client's property in Arlington, VA.

Dollar spot is a lawn disease that commonly affects lawns in Arlington, VA. It can be characterized by small, round, bleached spots on your lawn. These spots are usually enclosed in a reddish-brown ring, starting only around a few inches small and resembling dollar coins, hence the name, though eventually will get larger as the disease progresses. Dollar spot is often observed when days are warm and humid and nights are cool. It commonly affects lawns that do not receive enough fertilizer and experience excessive moisture.

Curative treatments are one of the most effective ways to combat dollar spot. As soon as you notice the signs of this disease on your lawn, it's best to reach out to a professional lawn care team right away so they can treat your turf.

3. Red Thread

Red thread lawn disease found on a potential client's lawn and in need of treatment in Arlington, VA.

Another lawn disease you need to be on the lookout for in Arlington, VA, is red thread. This fungal disease causes light brown patches across your lawn, but the most common tell-tale sign of it is that they also have a pinkish to red thread-like growth on the grass blades. These patches can typically go as small as 4 inches to as big as 10 inches in diameter, but some affected lawns show even larger spots.

Red thread thrives under cool and wet weather conditions. It tends to attack lawns that are undernourished and lack proper air movement. While it rarely causes severe health damage, you will still want to treat it with a curative fungicide treatment to keep your lawn in its best shape.

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