Core aeration is a highly beneficial lawn care service, as it involves pulling up plugs of soil to loosen compaction, break up thatch, and help nutrients and other resources reach the roots of your grass. In Virginia, you should schedule this service in the fall because your lawn will have ideal conditions and enough strength to endure this process, plus get into tip-top shape by winter! You'll want to core aerate at least once a year to ensure it always has optimal access to everything it needs to stay at its healthiest and most beautiful.

What is core aeration, and how does it benefit your lawn?

Core aeration is a lawn care service that involves mechanically pulling up small plugs of soil, which leaves holes in the ground. This process alleviates and loosens soil compaction, breaks up the thatch layer, and creates passageways for essential resources, such as water, air, sunlight, and nutrients, to reach the roots of your grass more easily. With improved access to everything it needs, your lawn can absorb more and reach its full potential.

You'll want to leave the soil cores from aeration on your lawn because they return nutrients as they decompose.

Why should you schedule core aeration in the fall?

While core aeration is highly beneficial for your lawn, the process can stress it out when done at the wrong time. Because of this, you'll want to schedule it in the fall. Most grasses here in Virginia are cool-season, meaning they thrive best during cooler temperatures. So, the fall season provides ideal conditions, and your lawn is strong enough to endure core aeration and recover quickly afterward.

Another reason why it's best to schedule this service in the fall is it'll ensure your turf has optimal access to the resources it needs to build up its strength in preparation for the winter. That way, it enters dormancy at its healthiest, setting it up to better withstand the freezing conditions and have an easier time coming out of it in the spring.

Do you need to core aerate your lawn every fall?

If you want to ensure that your lawn always has the best access to the resources it needs to thrive, it's highly recommended to core aerate it at least once a year. Aerating it annually will set it up for long-standing success, and you'll find that it'll have healthier grass growth, deeper root systems, and a more vibrant green color. While you can schedule this service once a year in the fall, you can also do so in the spring. Spring is another good time because, similar to the fall, the conditions are ideal for your lawn to endure the process. You can even opt for aerating it twice - in both the spring and fall seasons!

You can pair fall core aeration with overseeding to increase your turf's density, and the seeds can fall into the holes created to get excellent soil contact.

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