If you want your property in Virginia to start the growing season on the right foot, then you will want to invest in a spring yard cleanup. Spring cleanups help your yard transition smoothly from the winter into the spring and position it to succeed in the months ahead. Spring cleanups include a variety of services that can enhance the health and aesthetics of your lawn and landscape.

Leaf and debris removal prevents your lawn from becoming smothered and tidies up the appearance of your property. Meanwhile, mulch replenishment spruces up your landscape beds and provides several health benefits. Additionally, weed removal rids your landscape beds of weeds and stops them from stealing key resources from your plants. Keep reading to learn more about how spring yard cleanups can fortify your property.

Removing leaves and debris helps your lawn breathe.

Our landscaping professional raking leaves for a spring cleanup in McLean, VA.

One key part of spring cleanups involves removing leaves and debris from your yard. This task has clear aesthetic benefits, as it will tidy up the appearance of your lawn and landscape beds. However, it also has health benefits. Removing leaves and debris will prevent your lawn from becoming smothered and help it breathe easier.

If you let these organic materials remain on your lawn, they can block your turf's access to vital resources like oxygen and sunlight, which can cause damage to your grass. These materials can also attract lawn insects and diseases that are detrimental to the health of your turf. By removing leaves and debris from your lawn and landscape beds, you position your yard to flourish during the growing season.

Replenishing Mulch Benefits Your Landscape Beds

A pile of fresh mulch ready to be installed on a property in Fairfax, VA.

Another critical component of spring cleanups involves replenishing the mulch in your landscape beds. Applying a fresh layer of mulch spruces up their appearance and bolsters your property's curb appeal. It also provides several health benefits, including:

  • Moisture Retention: Mulch helps your soil retain moisture, which ensures your plants remain adequately hydrated.
  • Soil Erosion Control: Mulch helps reduce erosion by shielding your soil from heavy rainfall and holding your dirt in place.
  • Soil Temperature Regulation: Mulch helps regulate your soil temperature so that it never drops as low or leaps as high as the air temperature, protecting your plants from extreme weather conditions.

One of the best types of mulch to apply to your landscape beds is double-shredded hardwood mulch.

Eliminating weeds from your landscape beds gives them a boost.

Good spring cleanups don't just include the removal of leaves and debris from your yard. They also feature the removal of weeds from your landscape beds. Weeds are unsightly nuisances that sully the appearance of your landscape beds and compete with your plants for important resources, like water and nutrients. Removing weeds will boost the aesthetics of your landscape beds and prevent weeds from stealing resources from your plants. This way, your plants will have access to everything they need to thrive throughout the growing season.

Once weeds are removed from your landscape beds, mulch will help stop them from growing back.

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We perform this service from the end of February to June to help your property transition smoothly from the winter into a new growing season. Our team has been helping local property owners since 2001 and looks forward to serving you in the near future. Call us today at (703) 532-4911 to sign up for our spring cleanup service!