Lawns need nutrients to thrive, but it can be difficult for them to get all they need naturally. Thankfully, they have a friend in fertilizers. Fertilization provides a supplementary amount of essential nutrients for your lawn that promotes growth, resistance to stressors, and the unmistakably lush, green color of healthy grass. Still, as helpful as fertilizers are, they must be applied at the right time for maximum effect. Lawns here in Arlington, VA, need to be fertilized twice in the spring, twice in the summer, and twice in the fall. Keep reading to find out why it's vital to follow this schedule.

Fertilize your lawn twice in the spring to help it awaken from winter dormancy.

During winter in Arlington, VA, your grass lies dormant throughout the season to survive until spring. When spring does finally roll around, your lawn will need to be fertilized at least twice for it to awaken and start the growing season off on the right foot. Fertilizing your lawn in the early part of spring helps it achieve these goals with the key nutrients it needs to recover from any winter-related damages and reinvigorate it in preparation for new, healthy growth. Meanwhile, fertilizing again at the end of spring aids in "restocking" your lawn with those nutrients to shore up its health for the onset of summer.

Most fertilizers contain three main nutrients essential to bolster the health and aesthetic of your lawn: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Fertilize your lawn twice in the summer to protect it from the heat and prepare it for fall.

A homeowner in Manassas, VA fertilizing their lawn in the fall season.

Summer heat can be stressful on your grass in Arlington, VA. More sunlight and the customary afternoon thunderstorm don't always provide all the resources your lawn needs to survive those long, oven-like days. That's why fertilizing twice during the summer is a must. Fertilizing in early summer helps improve your lawn's appearance and beef up its density, fortifying it to withstand the heat, and a second application in late summer provides the nutrients it needs to make it to the fall.

Fertilize your lawn twice in the fall to help it recover from summer and prepare it for the winter season.

As the fall season brings a harmonious cool to offset the intense heat of summer, your lawn will need help making the transition. This is why fertilizing it twice in the fall is necessary to aid in its recovery from the heat and prepare for the winter. Fertilization in early fall will help your grass recover from any heat-related stress, while a late fall application will supply it with the nutrients necessary to build up its strength to endure the oncoming winter.

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At Hambleton Lawn & Landscape, we have the perfect fertilization schedule for your lawn. We offer fertilization treatments to residential properties in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, and surrounding areas throughout Virginia, which we will apply six times a year beginning in the early part of spring all the way through the end of fall. We will visit your property twice in the spring, twice in the summer, and twice in the fall to prepare your lawn for the duration of each season, as well as the critical transition time in between. To maximize the amount of nourishment your turf receives, weed control treatments are also included with our fertilization service to target weeds like dandelion and crabgrass, which are notorious for stealing important nutrients away from your grass for themselves. Call us today at (703) 532-4911 to schedule our fertilization service and keep your lawn in tip-top shape throughout the year.